Teen Leadership Conference

teenleadershipconference-bevelAt the Teen Leadership Conference, your child will be challenged to think hard about their faith and how it applies to the modern predicament. Students ages 13 and above are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues — and who need answers that match the real world. Students will learn about modern day issues including politics, science, and worldviews! Also, students learn about economic issues and entrepreneurship. Parents are always welcome to attend, too. The Teen Leadership Conference is unlike any other!

Date, Time, Location:
  • Friday & Saturday, June 12-13, 2015
  • 10 AM to 3 PM
  • Montgomery Convention Center
Cost Per Adult:
  • $40 at the door

Teen Leadership Conference Speakers:

Lucas Cherry & Hannah Cherry


Teen Leadership Conference Session Titles & Times:

Friday, June 12

Happy guys and girls expressing happiness10:00 AM – What is “Normal?” And Am I Normal?
This is a question we ask ourselves a lot as homeschoolers. But in a world that is changing definitions of words as quickly as the Urban Dictionary can post them, it is OK to be different (i.e. not normal!)

11:00 AM – Living Cross-Culturally
As Christians we are having to live “cross-culturally” with the world around us and what a diverse world it is! Learn to live as authentic believers in a world that doesn’t seem to want God’s ways.

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Raise the Bar
and DO THE HARD THINGS!  Many have said our generation is “soft” and “self-centered,” but some of us are aspiring for greatness and are breaking through the low expectations. It all begins with a single step…

2:00 PM – Defying the Odds
Statistics show only 1% of our generation have a true biblical worldview. 1% !? That is crazy! Why is a “biblical worldview” important to us young Christians and how can any of us possibly be included in a 1% statistic? Bottom line…how will we defy the odds?

Saturday, June 13

thumbhighschool10:00 AM – Learn to Think For Yourself
A whole generation of our peers claim they are “doing their own thing” when they are really just following the crowd down a brainwashed path. Learn to think critically and uniquely in a world that wants to dumb down.

11:00 AM – Moving Past Failure
We all fail. But we can recover from failure and not let it define us. Find the grace and power to try new things and risk new challenges without letting the mistakes and weaknesses of the past define you.

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Romance…Ahhhh – Is There a Better Way?
There has to be more to this whole romance thing than what I am seeing a lot of my friends go through. Discover how to pursue healthy relationships in the season you are in.

2:00 PM – Am I OK?
Finding confidence in who God made you to be only comes by discovering your true identity. God is doing a new thing in you…and you only! Will you receive it?