Homeschooling Preschool: What do I Teach?

Preschool is such a fun age and is usually the age range where parents are trying out homeschooling. Preschool does NOT have to be complicated, and teaching this age is far from difficult.

The Basics

Homeschooling preschool starts with the basics. Preschoolers need to know their shapes, colors, numbers and letters. You will also want to teach them things like how to wash their hands, get dressed, undressed, and how to put on their shoes.

How do you teach these things? By living life! Point out colors while you are at the store. Read books and notice letters and numbers. Shapes can be found everywhere and shape hunts in your own home are lots of fun!

Life skills like getting dressed can be done every day. Encourage your preschooler to try and put on or take off his socks. Get a book from the library that has zippers and buttons and practice those fine motor skills. Slip on shoes are a must have at this age because tying is not required.  Teaching the basics to your preschooler can be done easily just by going about your normal routine.


Preschoolers are at the age where they are independent. They want to do what they want, when they want to do it. Yet, they are also inquisitive and eager to learn. You will want to teach your preschooler to be patient, wait in a line, and to sit for small periods of time.

While you are running errands, explain how a line works. We have to wait our turn, patiently, and quietly. Encourage your child to share while at homeschool group, or with his siblings. Check out books on sharing, and friendships from the library.

Make preschool part of your daily routine by having your child sit and color, read books or play games at the same time each day. This will get them into the routine of school, without actually “going” to school.

There is a lot of pressure to get children “ready” for kindergarten, but really if you play with your child, read books and have fun your child will have successfully “passed” preschool. And you will have successfully taught preschool!

Misty Bailey is a wife to Roger and a homeschool mom to three beautiful blessings. She resides with her family in Southern Ohio. She loves helping new homeschoolers and has a Homeschool 101 eBook for those getting started. She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.