Internet Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens

If asked, every parent would say they want to keep their kids safe online. However, statistics have shown that children are more and more at risk online than ever before. Teens and tweens are more at risk than any other age due to the fact they have increased independence, and are more likely to seek out relationships online.

So, what is the secret to keeping our teens and tweens safe online? Educating our children about the dangers online can be done a few simple ways. Here are a few internet safety tips for teens and tweens.

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Homeschooling is a Lifestyle Choice

When I first began homeschooling I had no idea how quickly I would become passionate about it. Homeschooling has turned into a way of life. I am sure the same can be said for many of you. Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice. NOT just an education choice.


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Heaven Brought Home

Welcome to Heaven on Earth : A Biblical Model for Parenting-A Comprehensive Group Study

This parenting course:

• Lays a biblical foundation for raising children for the glory of God.
• Examines the four ways Jesus grew and gives parents practical ways to help their children to become intellectually developed, physically healthy, spiritually strong, and socially connected.
• Explores ways to discipline children that inspire respect and obedience rather than insite anger and rebellion. The study directs the parent to see God as the perfect disciplinarian and gives real life examples to emulate Him to their children.
• Compassionately empathizes with parents who struggle with the feelings of failure. This biblical advice gives parents hope and encouragement.
• Enlightens every parent to understand the destructiveness of using anger to control a child’s behavior. It directs the parent to deal with his or her anger in a biblical way. Finding victory over an angry spirit is not only possible but God’s will for each person willing to submit to these biblical principles.
This six week parenting course strives to encourage every parent to be good stewards with the precious gift of every child He bestows on us. The course material includes everything needed to lead groups, small or large. All files and information necessary to administer each session is organized in folders on a CD data disk. A PowerPoint presentation containing author notes and a facilitator guide are included. Each lesson comes with printable student handouts, reading assignments, discussion questions, and homework assignments.

Kids Zone Program

     Optional KidsZone Program: Choose one, two or three days, April 7-9. Your children ages 4-12 can attend their own child sized homeschool conference while you attend Expo events. Alternatively, children are always welcome with their parents anywhere at the Expo.

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Kids zone

Are You Training Your Child To Complain?

Do you find yourself second guessing the amount of work you assigned your child based on their moaning and groaning? You know your child’s capabilities and have given out the assignments. As time passes your student is taking a long time and starts appeals of, “It’s too much writing and my hand hurts! All my assignments are long today, can you shorten some? I’ll never get this done in time.”

There are times to reevaluate, but do not let your child regularly manipulate you into changing your mind about the day’s lesson plan. If it works once, they’ll try again and a bad habit of complaining has started.

Be encouraged, if this has already started as a pattern in your homeschool you have the power to turn it around. Stand firm for a few days and your children will come to know that you have a NO WHINING HOMESCHOOL ZONE!

Homeschooling 101

Alabama Homeschool Expo,

Children Who Struggle To Learn

Learn to homeschool special needs children.  Meet Randi St. Denis at the Alabama Homeschool Expo.  Randi is recognized as an expert in the technical aspects of learning that allow every type of child, from special needs to gifted the opportunity to learn.  She shows parents how to purchase materials that fit their child’s learning needs.

Discover ways to improve learning abilities and overcome stumbling blocks while attending the Children Who Struggle to Learn workshop. Important Handouts included.

Big Happy Families

From cleaning to history and dishes to chemistry! Attend the Big Happy Families workshop and learn how to enjoy the true blessings a big family has to offer.  This and many other valuable workshops available at the Alabama Homeschool Expo.  Click on the link for information on other workshops.  Alabama Homeschool Expo Workshops

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