Children Who Struggle To Learn

Learn to homeschool special needs children.  Meet Randi St. Denis at the Alabama Homeschool Expo.  Randi is recognized as an expert in the technical aspects of learning that allow every type of child, from special needs to gifted the opportunity to learn.  She shows parents how to purchase materials that fit their child’s learning needs.

Discover ways to improve learning abilities and overcome stumbling blocks while attending the Children Who Struggle to Learn workshop. Important Handouts included.

Overcoming Learning Difficulties

Children love being successful, so when they aren’t, how can you help?  Come and listen to the personal homeschooling experiences of Debbie Strayer (mother and lifelong educator) and daughter when faced with obstacles to learning.

This workshop tells how to overcome obstacles that may limit your ability to teach, and your children’s ability to understand. Shared with humor and honesty Debbie and her daughter Ashley will provide tips, and insight from the student’s perspective that can help your children achieve their greatest learning success.

Meet Debbie and her daughter at the Alabama Homeschool Expo where you can attend many valuable workshops and visit the large exhibitor hall.

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IQ Testing

Is the IQ test a sufficient measure of intelligence? The following article gives a thought provoking look at the problems with the IQ test.  Especially concerning people with learning disabilities.

Why IQ is Irrelevant to the Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities, by doctor Linda Siegel.

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