4 Tips to Homeschooling High School


Many parents (including me!) stress at the thought of homeschooling high school. It seems overwhelming, and parents may feel in over their head. However, homeschooling high school is not impossible, and thousands of families do it each year! How? Most follow these four tips to homeschooling high school!

Plan Ahead

When should you begin thinking about homeschooling high school? Kindergarten? Elementary? Jr. High? The answer is typically around sixth or seventh grade. At this time begin doing research, talk to other homeschooling parents, and get a general idea as to what path you plan on taking when you homeschool high school.

Also, be sure to check out your states requirements for homeschooling high school. Some states require more documentation than others. At around eighth grade you will need to make a serious plan as to what your child’s four years of high school will look like.

Have a Consistent Schedule

A consistent schedule during the high school years and a few years before is very important. Why? If you get into a routine and schedule now, it will become like second nature by the time your child is in high school.

Consistency in the high school years is important. You are training your child to follow a schedule, plan ahead, and be responsible. High school is not the time to be lax.

Let Your Student Have a Say

What is your high schooler interested in? Biology? History? Literature? Let them have a say in what they study throughout the high school years. You will want to nurture their interests, and guide them in making the right choices regarding future career paths.

For example, you may want to allow your budding writer to attend a writing conference, or your child interested in veterinary medicine may want to volunteer at a local animal shelter or hospital. Future politicians may want to help in local political campaigns, and students who are interested in education may want to have a hand homeschooling their siblings.

By allowing our high schoolers to have a say in what they learn, we are not controlling their education, but letting them have a say in their future, and allowing them to be a willing participant in their education.

Keep Records

If you plan on homeschooling high school, you MUST know how to keep records of your child’s school work. Academic records can be done in two ways. The first is by keeping a record of your child’s work yourself. The second is to enroll in an independent program (think Abeka Academy) an umbrella school, or something similar.  ‘

If you decide to keep records yourself, you will want to be thorough. Your child deserves more than a transcript thrown together at the last minute. Keep records of their work beginning in junior high (at the latest). This allows you to make record keeping a habit BEFORE it is absolutely necessary to obtain academic records for transcript purposes.

If you are considering homeschooling high school, I encourage you to NOT be intimidated. There are multiple resources out there to help you navigate your way through teaching high school. You CAN homeschool high school, it just requires a little planning, and these helpful tips!