What Ever Happened To Penny Candy?

Sooner or later your child will wish for the olden days they read about in Little House on The Prairie.  They want to be able to go into the store with a penny and come out with two pieces of candy!

Richard Maybury is a teacher who succeeded in explaining why everything cost more now than it did for our parents.  His title What Ever Happened to Penny Candy? is a  popular book, but are you aware of  his others? Richard Maybury has eleven books in his Uncle Eric series.  His series is recommended for students fourteen and up.

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Teach Them To Expect Change

Change is a part of life we can’t avoid. Parents need to be good examples to their children on how to walk through seasons of change.  Teach your children that change is inevitable and fighting it only makes the transition harder.

Remind them (and yourself) that things will not be the same as when they were in 2nd grade or before a new baby arrived.  Some children struggle with change more than others, prepare them as far in advance as possible for change.  Allow time for adjustments and offer a lot of encouragement.   Even changing curriculum can slow down a student for a few days.

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Learning Lessons From Natural Consequences

None of us want to coddle our children, but that is what happens when we repeatedly bail them out.  When they didn’t keep up with their things, didn’t finish an assignment or overslept,  natural consequences would be a better teacher than nagging.   Sometimes we bail them out because it is easier than letting them suffer the consequences or because it would make the parent look bad.

  • You lost your coat?  Do you have any money, I’ll take you to the thrift store to buy another.
  • I am sorry you didn’t have time to pack your lunch, but you were told to do it last night.
  • You will have to do extra credit work to make up for that bad grade.

There are times to give grace in a situation and we shouldn’t  expect our children to get it right every time.  However, slipping into a habit of bailing out our children will keep them from maturing.  We want them to grow in responsibility while they are growing in stature.

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Interest Your Teen to Study

For Teens – Studying Disasters is a great age appropriate topic for teens.  Disasters that were recorded on site in real time are unique and captivating.  Watch for more of our posts on using YouTube to study disasters – watch the Hindenburg disaster of 1937