A Well-Planned Homeschool Day

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Field Trips Make Fond Memories

Reminiscing about homeschooling in the early years usually begins with a contented sigh from my children.  They have wonderful memories of field trips we have been on.  A zoo pass for a season, the local lake to look at frog eggs and later, tadpoles.  Hikes in the woods, tours of factories and sometimes a movie.

Often a field trip idea can start from a book you’re reading.  Are you going on a road trip?  With the internet it is easy to find out what stops are available along the way.  When your kids enjoy the book, they become excited about the subject.  One year before a road trip to visit grandparents, we read and studied Minn of the Mississippi.  When we finally crossed the Mississippi River, the kids jumped up and down and cheered.  They were so excited to see the great river we had been learning about.

Alabama Homeschool Expo is a place to learn from experienced homeschoolers on how to incorporate field trips and books into fond memories for your homeschool.

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