Why go to the Expo?

Home education is time-consuming. It must be all that lack of socialization that fills the day. In all seriousness, time is precious, so why do we plan and offer conferences that take more of your time? Because we believe homeschooling with excellence involves learning and growing as educators and families! Because we believe that homeschool families need encouragement and fun times in their journey! The challenges—and sacrifices—involved in choosing to home educate our children invite us into an exciting world. It is a world with possibilities we may never have considered. The Expo allows us as homeschool parents to be encouraged and energized. Excellent speakers and educational entertainment combine for a great family experience.

From Homeschooling 101 to the College Fair, there are workshops and activities for everyone. The KidsZone (ages 4-12) may just be the place that inspires some new fun learning techniques in your homeschool setting. The two-day Film Camp is geared to helping teens build a theological foundation for entertainment and practical film-making skills so they can impact this powerful industry. Incorporating fine art into studies, inspiring an entrepreneur or encouraging a homeschool dad is just a few of the great workshop possibilities. The Exhibitors Hall offers another wealth of information and inspiration. The quantity and quality of resources will prime the pump for planning next year’s adventure. The Expo will refresh you to finish this year and move into the next with enthusiasm.

Take time today to visit the Expo website and prayerfully consider whether this is just the boost you need! It will be time invested well.

Kids Zone Program

     Optional KidsZone Program: Choose one, two or three days, April 7-9. Your children ages 4-12 can attend their own child sized homeschool conference while you attend Expo events. Alternatively, children are always welcome with their parents anywhere at the Expo.

Attend the Alabama Homeschool Expo where learning is always the main priority.

Alabama Homeschool Expo   http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/

Kids zone    http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/kidszone/

What Is Kids Zone?

Kids Zone at the Alabama Homeschool Expo! 

While parents attend Homeschooling For Excellence 101, their children can attend a variety of workshops given by speakers who will challenge them to become active and excited learners. Our goal is to remind children that learning is rewarding and interesting and that learning can happen anywhere, at anytime.

Kids Zone   http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/kidszone/

Alabama Homeschool Expo  http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/

Homeschooling 101  http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/homeschooling-101/

Need Some Help And Encouragement?

So Many Workshops – So Little Time!  Choose from Educating the Gifted Child, Homeschooling Special Needs, Making Learning Fun with Hands-On Activities, Homeschooling Dads Panel Discussion, and more! The Alabama Homeschool Expo is committed to bringing you the most enjoyable and informative homeschool and parenting workshops ever – all under one roof!

And after you have attended the workshops you can visit the large exhibitor hall for a hands on look at curriculum and books.

Take Responsibility For Your Homeschooling

“If I showed up late this often to any other job, I would have been fired a long time ago.” Those words of a friend have stuck with me for years.  Am I late for the doctor or dentist?  Probably not, the consequences are often unpleasant.

The consequences of chronically starting your school day late are also unpleasant.

  • You become impatient trying to play catch up or from the guilt of skipping planned activities.
  • It is hard to get children motivated if they had too long of a down time before starting  morning work.
  • Your children are watching and learning from everything you do, show them the importance of a good start.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  In honor of my friend’s husband who is in the army: Homeschooling, the toughest job you’ll ever love.

Alabama Homeschool Expo

Homeschooling for Excellence,http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/homeschooling-101/

Worldview Teen Track,  http://alabamahomeschoolexpo.com/worldview-teen-track/