What Do Colleges Look For in Homeschoolers?

If you are homeschooling a high school student, you are probably thinking about college. You may be wondering what do colleges look for in homeschoolers, and what you need to do to prepare your homeschooler for the college application process.

Colleges are recruiting homeschoolers at very high rates. Many colleges consider homeschoolers to be academically successful. Why? Homeschoolers tend to score higher on standardized college admissions tests. The homeschool average for the ACT was 22.5 in 2003, compared with the national average of 20.8. SAT scores were similar with a homeschool average of 1092 in 2002, and a national average of 1020. Homeschoolers tend to earn higher GPA’s in college then those who are not homeschooled. Homeschoolers are also typically used to working independently rather than in a group setting. So, how can you prepare your homeschooler for the college admission process?

Have a balanced curriculum. What does this mean? Simply put, make sure all subjects are covered. Look at the colleges your child maybe interested in. Do they require credits in foreign language? Chemistry? Look and see what is needed, and make sure you are covering it.

Keep impeccable records. Include grades, high school credits, AP courses, standardized test scores, etc. Make sure you have proof that your child has completed his high school education. You can do this by having a portfolio, and transcripts. For more information on these areas check out HSLDA’s website.

Does your child participate in extracurricular activities? If so, what kind? Colleges will look at this information because they want to make sure your child is well rounded, and one that will fit into their university. Extracurricular activities do not have to be just sports, but can include 4-H, homeschool groups, church activities, volunteering, music classes, and much more.

So, what do colleges look for in homeschoolers? Colleges want to make sure that the students attending have developed their talents in whatever environment they were in. Whether or not they are homeschooled is of little interest as long as they have good academic records, are well rounded, and ready for higher academic learning.

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Are You Training Your Child To Complain?

Do you find yourself second guessing the amount of work you assigned your child based on their moaning and groaning? You know your child’s capabilities and have given out the assignments. As time passes your student is taking a long time and starts appeals of, “It’s too much writing and my hand hurts! All my assignments are long today, can you shorten some? I’ll never get this done in time.”

There are times to reevaluate, but do not let your child regularly manipulate you into changing your mind about the day’s lesson plan. If it works once, they’ll try again and a bad habit of complaining has started.

Be encouraged, if this has already started as a pattern in your homeschool you have the power to turn it around. Stand firm for a few days and your children will come to know that you have a NO WHINING HOMESCHOOL ZONE!

Homeschooling 101

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Homeschooling The Confrontational Highschooler

She sat across from me and said, “I’m sending him to public school next year.”  “I’m afraid our relationship will be ruined if I continue to homeschool.”

This mother of a teen is not alone with her fears, but as we continued to talk, we recognized the lack of time we had spent with our parents.  The lack of time we spent with our parents caused a gulf in communication and relationship.

When your kids are at school all day, the window to talk with your teen is shortened and you still find yourself doing homework until late at night.  Sending your child to school doesn’t eliminate problems with their obedience, it just shortens the time you are with them.

The Alabama Homeschool Expo has experienced parents to guide through the High School Years.  After my first Homeschooling the Highschooler Conference, I found myself taking a big sigh of relief.  There is help and I can construct a course that will benefit my individual child.

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Raising Dangerous Sons

Calling fathers and sons! Todd Wilson of Family Man Ministries wants your sons to trust dangerously, work dangerously, and love dangerously. However, that doesn’t come naturally.  Everyone around them – from the talking heads in the media to pastors in the pulpit – keep repeating, “Play it safe.” Join Todd as he encourages you and your sons to GET DANGEROUS.

Todd’s humor and gut-honest realness have made him a favorite speaker at homeschool conventions across the country and a guest on Focus on the Family.  He will be sharing his wisdom at the Alabama Homeschool Expo.


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Key To A Strong Highschool Curriculum

Just starting to homeschool, or feel like you need to make some changes?  Come to hear what makes a curriculum strong educationally, effective and motivating!  Learn how to maximize the opportunity you have to make a plan that is perfect for your family.

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Our Children Are Like Us

I was attending a homeschool conference where the speaker was giving facts on how many Olympiads raised children that became Olympiads themselves.  The point the speaker was making is that children are a lot like their parents.  So whenever my husband says, “What is with our kids and math?”  I remind him that we were late bloomers.

On one hand, our children will be like us and we shouldn’t have unrealistic fantasies for expectations.  However, they are also a unique individual and  homeschooling gives them the opportunity to explore personal interest. God uses ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances, not just straight A students.

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To Test, Or Not To Test?

Opinions on whether or not to test, or whether or not to pay attention to the results, vary greatly.  In today’s world you cannot get away from tests.  Tests for a driver’s license, admittance to school or for job advancement  are just a few.  If practice makes perfect (or at least improvement) you may want to consider having your student test in a variety of circumstances.

The parents whose child has any type of learning disability are most concerned about testing.   Randi St. Denis, director of Home Educators Encouragement Alliance will be at the Alabama Homeschool Expo teaching a workshop for special needs students.  For more information on the workshops Mrs. St. Denis will discuss whether or not testing is for your child,  Contact her through the Alabama Homeschool Expo web site.