Preschool Fun With Mega Blocks!

In just about every home in America you can find something called mega blocks. Young children love playing with mega blocks! But did you know mega blocks can also be educational? If you have a preschooler they are the perfect hands-on learning tool! Here are a few ways that you can have fun with your preschooler and mega blocks.


Layout the mega blocks on the floor and have your child try to balance himself as he crosses the plank. Another fun game to try is using sharks or other plastic animals on each side of the bridge let the children take turns balancing the toys as they cross along the bridge.


this is the perfect game for young preschoolers. Dump the blocks and call out a color. See if your children can find the quality said. He did this a few different times in different colors you can also let your children take turns calling out the colors. Have the children try building certain color towers. Or even sorting the blocks by colors.


once a child has mastered their colors learning patterns is a typical next step. Start this out by modeling a pattern. For example red blue red blue. Save your child can finish the pattern. Once you have done typical two color patterns you can move on to three and eventually four color patterns with your mega blocks.


how many blocks can your child put in there tower? How high can you build a tower? Practice making different size towers with your child then count the blocks in each tower. You can also say count the colors that you’ve sorted. How many blue box do you have? How about red? Kelsey megabucks teaches a child one-to-one ratio and helps them enhance their counting skills.

Size and Measurement

You can teach big/small and tall/short with mega blocks! Make different size towers and ask which one is bigger and which one is smaller. Another idea is to try and make a tower as big as one of the children, then have them stand next to it and ask which is taller? Have a few of the children “measure” themselves next to the tower. Ask them are any of your friends taller than the tower?

Studies have found that children learn best through hands on experiences and by playing. These are just a few ways that you and your preschooler can have fun with mega blocks!