Heaven Brought Home

Welcome to Heaven on Earth : A Biblical Model for Parenting-A Comprehensive Group Study

This parenting course:

• Lays a biblical foundation for raising children for the glory of God.
• Examines the four ways Jesus grew and gives parents practical ways to help their children to become intellectually developed, physically healthy, spiritually strong, and socially connected.
• Explores ways to discipline children that inspire respect and obedience rather than insite anger and rebellion. The study directs the parent to see God as the perfect disciplinarian and gives real life examples to emulate Him to their children.
• Compassionately empathizes with parents who struggle with the feelings of failure. This biblical advice gives parents hope and encouragement.
• Enlightens every parent to understand the destructiveness of using anger to control a child’s behavior. It directs the parent to deal with his or her anger in a biblical way. Finding victory over an angry spirit is not only possible but God’s will for each person willing to submit to these biblical principles.
This six week parenting course strives to encourage every parent to be good stewards with the precious gift of every child He bestows on us. The course material includes everything needed to lead groups, small or large. All files and information necessary to administer each session is organized in folders on a CD data disk. A PowerPoint presentation containing author notes and a facilitator guide are included. Each lesson comes with printable student handouts, reading assignments, discussion questions, and homework assignments.