Starting a NOT Back to School Tradition in Your Homeschool

Have you ever felt a little bad for your kids the night before public school starts? I have to admit, I have. The hustle and bustle, the new crayon boxes, the new clothes laid out and the anticipation of starting a new year. I remember those days, and it was exciting sometimes!

However, schools aren’t like they were when we were kids, and God has laid homeschooling upon our hearts. So, instead of joining the hustle and bustle of public school we have started our own tradition. A NOT back to school tradition J and you can start one too! A NOT back to school tradition is something you and your children do each year on the first day of public school in your district. Here are some ideas to help you plan your own not back to school tradition in your homeschool.

Breakfast out- Take your child to breakfast at their favorite restaurant. Watch the school buses go by and talk about the fun you have planned for the school year.

Field Trips-Plan a fun field trip to a place that is normally crowded during the school year.

Picnic-Pack up a lunch and head out with the kids for a day out. Spread your picnic blanket and enjoy the nice weather and the laughter of your children.

Celebration with your homeschool group-This is what we do each year. We have a NOT back to school day at the park with all of our homeschool friends. The park is empty except for the laughter of our homeschool friends.

Community Pool-Have a pool day without the crowd! We have done this before, but you may want to check with your community pool to see when they close. Ours now stays open only on the weekends after public school starts.

No matter what NOT back to school tradition you start, I recommend starting one! We are normally “in school” before our celebration but, we take the day off and celebrate the fact that we are NOT tied down to a public school schedule. It has become a fun tradition and one we look forward to each year.

Guest Poster: Misty Bailey