slow learners

Slow Learners

Proverbs 20:21

An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.

This simple scripture offers tremendous encouragement ‘and insights for our home school days. All of life is learning…and learning is a precious inheritance. There are truths we can learn about life through our experience of home schooling.

The task of home education is a long-term process that builds, block upon block, knowledge. Many times–especially in the early years–children will be able to grasp concepts quickly without fully understanding the block they have just received. That is okay, but we must refrain from rushing them ahead mistakenly assuming the nugget of learning has been fully assimilated. While repetitive pages of the same concept may seem boring, there is merit to practice. Creating real-life application practice enriches–enlivens–learning.

Understanding fractions begins with sharing an apple or a cookie…that concept of one-half will be expanded upon as time passes. Learning that a sentence has a subject and a verb happens before students learn proper conjugation of verbs and how to diagram complex sentences. Difficulties arise when pride tells our students they already know the topic at hand. “This is boring; I’ve already learned this,” derails a lesson rapidly. Helping our children look beyond what they know to what they can do with that knowledge is what makes learning fun! Rushing past learning will be the essence of the verse above–blocks of knowledge gathered too quickly will crumble when heavier knowledge comes in future years.

As parents, who are only children in God’s eyes, we must remember this truth for our spiritual growth. Slow learners are real learners. When Paul said he had learned contentment in plenty and want, those lessons were not neatly packaged, one-time instructions. He learned in beatings, in prisons and in awesome transformations. That is the essence of learning. We homeschoolers love the season when the new curriculums arrive. All of those neatly packaged lessons presented with crisp clarity excite us. About this point in the year, our books are tattered; pages are cluttered with check marks, erasures and scribbles. Sometimes it feels that nothing is being learned. Take heart. Learning is incremental. Isaiah told the people of Israel that living God’s way is precept upon precept. We are all in that process…learning a precept to place another precept upon. Don’t rush. Have faith. Learning is life. Learning is happening!