Jun 5, 2012
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Randy Snider

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Randy Snider is a father of eleven children, and has close to 25 years of homeschool experience.

Mr. Snider is the Director of the Snider Therapy Centers in Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL and Columbus, MS. He graduated from the University of South Alabama in 1978 with a Biology major and a Chemistry minor. Introduced to Vision Therapy in 1992, Mr. Snider completed his first two courses under the instruction of Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, Director of the Pediatric and Binocular Vision Programs at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Through the years, Mr. Snider has attended numerous conferences and seminars in developmental vision, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, and ocular phototherapy. Recent areas of study include Sensory Learning, Interactive Metronome, Integrated Listening System (iLs) and Johansen’s Individualized Auditory Stimulation. On a personal note, Mr. Snider is on the board of Friends of Romania, a group of pastors and businessmen who support several ministries in Romania and Moldova. Mr. Snider also has close to 25 years of homeschool experience. He is the father of eleven children.

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