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Some folks choose not to attend educational opportunities because they just can’t afford it.

At the Alabama Homeschool Expo, you can attend for FREE just by volunteering. Earn free admissions to the Expo, Homeschooling 101 for those who are beginning homeschooling, our optional Teen Track Conference or the optional KidsZone. Click here to learn more about volunteering.

Our Philosophy: Our goal is simple: To be homeschool parents reaching out to other homeschool parents to encourage and inform. We are overwhelmed with sales pitches for homeschooling. But, great child raising and great education are timeless, having been passed down for thousands of years. We want to be a clear, simple voice that critiques different homeschool products and explains education with good solid information. We don’t sell anything, but our exhibitors do. We critique and point you in the right direction, helping save time and money and put an end to your frustration as you create a homeschool environment that works well for your lifestyle and for your family.

Register Now for Worldview Teen Track

One of my fondest memories of high school was the opportunity to hear speakers who came and made presentations especially for teens.  These speakers captivated my attention and introduced me to adult issues, motivating and inspiring me to reach beyond my youth.  My friends and I, beleaguered and sometimes resistant teens, but curious nevertheless, truly looked forward to these assemblies. Some speakers especially, changed our lives forever.

That’s why we created The Worldview Teen Track at the Homeschool Expo – to offer the same opportunities to homeschool students.  Parents can conveniently enroll their teens in this optional two day seminar and then attend the Alabama Homeschool Expo, seeing exhibitors and participating in a wide variety of workshops.  Although teens are always welcome anywhere at the Expo, this optional Worldview Teen Track is sure to enrich and inform every young person who attends.   Our speakers have years of experience working with teens and know just how to engage them. 

Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to enroll a student!  Parents are always welcome to attend Teen Track, too!

Learn More about Worldview Teen Track Speakers and Schedule:

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Randi St.Denis
Homeschool Parent of 7 Children/ Educational Consultant
Director: Home Educators Encouragement Alliance

Interest Your Teen to Study

For Teens – Studying Disasters is a great age appropriate topic for teens.  Disasters that were recorded on site in real time are unique and captivating.  Watch for more of our posts on using YouTube to study disasters – watch the Hindenburg disaster of 1937