Jan 28, 2013
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List Support Groups, Classes, Tutors, and more…

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The Alabama Homeschool Online Directory is expanding with new listings for field trip opportunities, homeschool events, classes, sports teams, and more. Additionally, anyone can post on the directory and create an account.  There are also categories for products, curriculum, email lists/groups, co-ops/enrichment programs, and gifted opportunities. The goal of the directory is to promote homeschooling in the state of Alabama as a whole. We will be adding more categories and region specific postings soon. If you have a class or business that you would like to list, register for an account then select  “Submit Listings” at the top of the page after you log in. Homeschooling is growing fast in many states and Alabama is no exception. The current state law allows for homeschooling, so don’t be deterred to learn more and help grow home education in Alabama.

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