Kathleen Knudsen

Kathleen Knudsen

As a homeschool graduate herself, Kathleen has a heart for homeschool families. Throughout high school, she actively coordinated and coached a homeschool speech & debate club. At age 18, she pursued a short stint in politics where she ran for local office. Despite losing by 5 votes, the experience was one to be fondly remembered.

In 2006, a short two years later, Kathleen completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Thomas Edison State College through accelerated learning. After college, she worked with several businesses and organizations, gaining valuable experience as well as providing creative ideas particularly in development. From May 2007—May 2011, she was employed by Verity Institute, an innovative college program that assists young people in gaining an accredited college degree from a Biblical perspective in under two years through non-traditional approaches (such as CLEP). One of her favorite projects was writing a college prep curriculum for homeschool students. More information about Verity Institute is available from their website at: www.verityinstitute.org.

In December 2009, Kathleen began working with Crystal Creek Media as Producer/Director of Operations for the forthcoming movie Creed of Gold. From recruiting cast and crew to coaching the press team, Kathleen helped to provide the tactical support necessary to ensure the successful completion of the film. Creed of Gold recently finished post-production. A special prerelease DVD is available online at Amazon.com.

In addition to operational support, Kathleen also does graphic design work and functions as the web master for Crystal Creek Media. She is currently pursuing a certification in E-Marketing from a local college.

Throughout the last four years she has traveled across the U.S. to numerous homeschool conferences and spoken on a variety of subjects related to high school, college, and media.