Homeschooling Stats

Homeschool Statistics

The “numbers” surrounding homeschooling may surprise you.   Would you have guessed that over two million youth are currently learning in a home school setting?!  This represents a 75% increase since 1999.

It would seem that the ‘proof is in the pudding’ when it comes to homeschool results.  Homeschooled students outperform public educated students in every nationally norm referenced test.    College GPA rates are another consistent statistic for home educated students, and college graduation rates for homeschoolers exceed those of public school students.

The fear that homeschooling is creating a population of outcasts has been allayed as well.  In studies of interpersonal skills, maturity levels, communication and daily living skills, homeschooled students ‘outperform’ their publicly educated peers.  Criticisms of ‘elitism’ also are disproved by the statistics.  External factors such as household income, parent ‘certification’ and cost per student do not seem to impact success rates.

While over 70% of the families who choose to educate at home are dis-satisfied with the public schools, the other reasons for the choice are extremely diverse.   Freedom to pursue learning that matches a child’s personality, learning style and interests is one strong motivation.   Keeping family life at the center of activities is another.  Time stewardship, instruction in morals and faith and freedom to travel are other factors motivating home education.

Whatever the motivation, homeschooling well is a continual learning process.  Have you made your reservation for the Homeschool Expo yet?  What are you waiting for?  Great classes for new (or aspiring) homeschoolers, workshops for seasoned educators and a vast array of curriculum providers will make your homeschool adventure better than ever!

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