North Alabama Christian School

Home-school also known as Christian Education is a place where we as parents can still teach from the Bible and we as well as our children can bow our head in prayer as often as we like.

Outlook Academy

Outlook Academy is an Alabama church school as defined in Alabama legal code 16-28-1. By enrolling their children, homeschooling parents comply with the compulsory school attendance law for children a

Financial Fitness

Equip your young adults with the necessary tools for success in the complex world of Finances. Methods are many, principles are few…methods often change, principles never do! This program cove

Asbury Academy

Asbury Academy is an inclusive homeschooling church school for parents in the Greater Birmingham area. We are a ministry of East Lake United Methodist Church. Founded in 1991, as the “East Lake

Alabama's "Tim Tebow Bill"

Welcome! We are a group of citizens of the great state of Alabama lobbying for our state public education establishment to allow homeschooled students equal access to sports and extracurricular activi