North Alabama Christian School

Home-school also known as Christian Education is a place where we as parents can still teach from the Bible and we as well as our children can bow our head in prayer as often as we like.

Crossroads Christian School

825 Oak Boulevard Moody, Alabama 35004 205-640-2174

United Christian Academy

We believe homeschooling is a tutor type method of private education within the home, where the parents are a child’s primary teacher. We believe that every child is unique and gifted in some wa

Harvest Fields Academy

Harvest Fields Academy is a church cover school for residents of Alabama, who wish to homeschool their children.

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Second Harvest Curriculum

Second Harvest Curriculum and is a homeschooled family run business established in 1993. The business was started to help families and others save money. And, after all these y

Evangel Family Christian Academy Online

Evangel Family Christian Academy (EFCA) is the home school ministry under the accountability of Evangel Church, Assemblies of God. It is unashamedly a Christian ministry operated as a non-profit organ