David C. Gibbs, III

David Gibbs


David C. Gibbs III grew up in a legal family. His father, David C. Gibbs, Jr., is the founder of the Christian Law Association. As a boy, he tagged along with his dad to court and developed a love for the law, the Bible, and God’s people. Attorney Gibbs graduated from Duke Law School in 1993 at the top of his class. He then joined his father serving as an attorney for the Christian Law Association.

Attorney Gibbs attained national recognition when he represented the family of Robert and Mary Schindler in their fight to save the life of their disabled daughter, Terri Schiavo. Attorney Gibbs has represented many Christians in their fight to retain their religious liberties, especially those related to providing a Christian education for their children.

David has been married to his wife, Carin, for over 15 years. They have four children: Heather, Heidi, and twins David and Danielle.