What Is Kids Zone?

Kids Zone at the Alabama Homeschool Expo! 

While parents attend Homeschooling For Excellence 101, their children can attend a variety of workshops given by speakers who will challenge them to become active and excited learners. Our goal is to remind children that learning is rewarding and interesting and that learning can happen anywhere, at anytime.

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What Is A Unit Study?

A unit study combines several subjects to cover a single topic.   A study of the solar system could include science, art, language and math.  Benefits of a unit study are:

  • Covers several subjects
  • Capable of include different aged children
  • Prepackaged curriculum available
  • Offers flexibility for maximizing each students strong points

There are several books available on how to conduct a unit study.  If you purchase one, don’t feel obligated to do everything the author suggest.   Beautiful Feet publishers have very nice unit studies using the Hollings S. Hollings books to cover geography.  They also have one on the history of horses.

Beginning homeschooling classes available at the Alabama Homeschool Expo, titled  Homeschooling For Excellence.

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Take Responsibility For Your Homeschooling

“If I showed up late this often to any other job, I would have been fired a long time ago.” Those words of a friend have stuck with me for years.  Am I late for the doctor or dentist?  Probably not, the consequences are often unpleasant.

The consequences of chronically starting your school day late are also unpleasant.

  • You become impatient trying to play catch up or from the guilt of skipping planned activities.
  • It is hard to get children motivated if they had too long of a down time before starting  morning work.
  • Your children are watching and learning from everything you do, show them the importance of a good start.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  In honor of my friend’s husband who is in the army: Homeschooling, the toughest job you’ll ever love.

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Early Learners: 7 Secrets

Randi St. Denis, educator, popular homeschool speaker, and a seasoned homeschooling mom cautions parents not to overlook some important childhood activities that actually set the stage for later learning skills.  Enhancing these early skills prevents learning problems and also builds a firm foundation for future academics ease and success.

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Questions Answered!

The Homeschool Expo is your place for answers.  Randi St. Denis, Director of Home Educators Encouragement Alliance (HEEA), is an educator, popular homeschool speaker, and a seasoned homeschooling mom.  Randi works as a consultant to  homeschool families; providing teaching expertise and assistance to all types of children.

Come to the Alabama Homeschool Expo and get your questions answered by Randi and other experienced homeschool speakers.

Field Trips Make Fond Memories

Reminiscing about homeschooling in the early years usually begins with a contented sigh from my children.  They have wonderful memories of field trips we have been on.  A zoo pass for a season, the local lake to look at frog eggs and later, tadpoles.  Hikes in the woods, tours of factories and sometimes a movie.

Often a field trip idea can start from a book you’re reading.  Are you going on a road trip?  With the internet it is easy to find out what stops are available along the way.  When your kids enjoy the book, they become excited about the subject.  One year before a road trip to visit grandparents, we read and studied Minn of the Mississippi.  When we finally crossed the Mississippi River, the kids jumped up and down and cheered.  They were so excited to see the great river we had been learning about.

Alabama Homeschool Expo is a place to learn from experienced homeschoolers on how to incorporate field trips and books into fond memories for your homeschool.

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Our Children Are Like Us

I was attending a homeschool conference where the speaker was giving facts on how many Olympiads raised children that became Olympiads themselves.  The point the speaker was making is that children are a lot like their parents.  So whenever my husband says, “What is with our kids and math?”  I remind him that we were late bloomers.

On one hand, our children will be like us and we shouldn’t have unrealistic fantasies for expectations.  However, they are also a unique individual and  homeschooling gives them the opportunity to explore personal interest. God uses ordinary people for extraordinary circumstances, not just straight A students.

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