McWane Science Center

Fun and learning never end at McWane Science Center, a nonprofit, hands-on museum and IMAX Dome Theater. Four floors of interactive exhibits celebrate science and wonder – from an amazing collection of dinosaurs and innovative environmental showcases to imaginative early childhood playgrounds and an awe-inspiring aquarium. The energy and excitement of discovery spring to life through an extensive line-up of science demonstrations performed daily by talented educators.

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Jack A. Chambless

Jack A. Chambless is a professor of economics and professional speaker. He has taught since 1991 at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida where he served as the the Patricia Whalen Chair in Social Science in 1999 and 2004. In addition to teaching Principles of Micro and Macroeconomics he has also taught honors courses in economics, two online courses and special topics courses entitled “Applied Microeconomics” and “Oil, Economics and Terrorism.”

He is a frequent contributor to The Orlando Sentinel and has had his work published in The Wall Street Journal, The University of Miami Law Review, The Public Utilities Fortnightly, Structural Movers, Orlando Magazine and many other domestic publications. His work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Reason Magazine, The Foreign Press Review, The Atlanta Journal & Constitution, The Detroit News, The British Caledonian Press and many other foreign and domestic publications.

In addition to teaching, Professor Chambless speaks frequently around the United States on the Economics of Liberty. He has lectured at The Foundation for Economic Education in New York; The Young America’s Foundation Freedom Fest in Las Vegas; The Florida Libertarian Convention, The Florida Parent Educators Association convention and Georgia State University and has appeared on national television and radio broadcasts including CNBC’s Inside Opinion, FoxNews Europe and Your World with Neal Cavuto (FoxNews), The Neal Boortz Show, the BBC, National Public Radio and The Jim Hightower Show. He is also currently serving as a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute – a think tank in Chicago, Illinois.

He is the author of two economics textbooks – An Applied Approach to Microeconomics and An Applied Approach to Macroeconomics, both published by Kendall Hunt.

Serennah Emily Harding

Serennah Emily Harding

Serennah was homeschooled until she started college at Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) at the age of twelve. She was one of Huntingdon College’s youngest graduates at the age of seventeen. She was commissioned as a Navy Ensign at the age of eighteen.
She is now a third year medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine-GA Campus and hopes to be a physician by the age of twenty-two.

Presentation: Serennah will be sharing what a life of homeschooling has meant to her and how staring college at such a young age has helped her meet her goals.

Jennifer Mackintosh

Jennifer Mackintosh

Jennifer Mackintosh is a Catholic home educating mother to 4 children ranging in age from preschool to high school; she has been homeschooling for 12 years. Jennifer enjoys making use of living books and experiences as part of a lifestyle of learning in the home, and though eclectic in her approach to home education, Charlotte Mason’s methods and philosophy of education are the foundation of their days.
Home education brings with it a variety of challenges: time management, organization, planning, ordering spaces, and managing the day in gentle and workable ways that fit the family. Jennifer brainstorms practical solutions to meet the various challenges that home education and home keeping present:
* Organization within the home and the learning spaces.
* Planning in home education.
* Nurturing the wonder and gentle simplicity of a living education as well as the practical ideas that make a living education workable in the home.
Five years ago Jennifer began sharing her experiences and ideas through her blog, Wildflowers and Marbles (, which includes a number of pictures and detailed explanations. In addition to sharing and encouraging through various media outlets, she also writes for mater et magistra, a magazine devoted to nurturing the heart and mind of Catholic home educators and their children.
Jennifer has been married to Rob for 19 years, and together they joyfully live out their home educating days in the beautiful foothills of north Alabama. They delight in the days they share with their children, finding great joy in living out the ordinary.

Catie Frates

Catie Frates

Catie Frates is a dedicated bondservant of Jesus Christ, wife, and mother of three. She is an educator of over twenty years, author and nationally recognized Biblical Scientific Creation Speaker. Catie and her husband Steve make their home east of Naples, Florida where they are blessed to raise their children in the beautiful Florida Everglades.

Catie’s primary goal is to share the scientific evidence that supports the Genesis account and substantiates the inerrancy of the Word of God. Her passion is to enable her audience to interpret history and science through a thoroughly Biblical Worldview. She takes the latest scientific findings and translates them into God’s unchanging framework as found in the Bible in a layperson friendly fashion.

Catie is a high school science teacher and home educator of over twenty years. She specializes in using science to prepare her students for their station in life and for their college experience.


“Catie Frates is rapidly becoming a home school heroine. Her rapid-fire, on-target teaching style -informative, entertaining, and inspiring…”

Dr. Gary Parker
ICR Professor of Biology
Director , Creation Adventures Museum

” There are speakers who are knowledgeable, and then there are speakers who are knowledgeable, engaging, vivacious, use humor, and are passionate about their topic. Catie Frates is all of these things and then some! I’d sit through any and all of Catie’s lectures, read any book she writes and possibly should start a fan club for her! All kidding aside, you will find I am not alone. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Catie as I have will attest for her integrity and her ability to convey the message about God’s creation with passion and love.”

Felice Gerwitz
Writer and Publisher
President of Media Angels, Inc.

Scott Gillis

Although he committed his life to Christ at the age of 19, Scott was introduced to the relevance of the creation/evolution issue when a friend, who was also a paleontologist, demonstrated to him how scientic evidence made more sense when interpreted in the light of the Bible’s clearly written account of history. This ignited a blaze of desire to get answers to tough questions that had plagued his mind for years.With his own worldview and his relationship to Christ energized, Scott now uses the evidence for Creation to change hearts and minds for Christ with easy-to-understand presentations that uphold the authority of God’s Word. Scott’s desire is to similary equip others to be ready with answers (1 Peter 3:15) to impact their world. Scott developed curriculum and teaches an eight week interactive, academic apologetics course aimed toward High School and College age students.

Scott holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Oregon State University and was the Vice President of the Creation Society of Sonoma County. Before joining CMI full-time, he served in various capacities for over 25 years as a youth pastor, council member,teacher, speaker, and was a key leader on a church plant team launching one of the newest fellowships in his region.

Scott recently relocated from Northern California to Atlanta, GA with his wife, Lisa, to work full-time for Creation Ministries International (US). They have 4 adult children.