Annual Alabama Homeschool Convention

The 2015 Alabama Homeschool Expo
June 11-13, 2015
Montgomery Convention Center
Montgomery, AL

The Expo is an annual Alabama homeschool convention. It is a “don’t miss” whole family two-day event
with exhibitors and thousands of products. Parents can review and purchase the latest curriculum, hear great speakers who give practical encouragement, and receive personalized help and answers to any question. Our workshops especially emphasize the practical aspects of working with children in ways that will promote their educational, social and emotional growth.

An Annual Alabama Homeschool Convention

From gifted children all the way to the struggling learners, you’ll find great encouralabama homeschool conventionagement at the Expo. Helpful parents and other experts are willing to spend the time to demonstrate exactly how to homeschool in a way that fits your family’s lifestyle. From a wide variety of perspectives of course! Also, specifically how to make your family’s homeschool journey enjoyable and satisfying.


At the homeschool expo, parents can enjoy educational workshops. Topics range from preschool to homeschoolers entering colleges and universities. Also, attending this annual Alabama homeschool convention are universities and colleges. They are looking to assist homeschool students with admissions, questions, and opportunities. You can find the colleges and universities in the exhibit hall. See our College Fair page for the institutions that will be represented at the Expo.