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Learn More at the the Annual Alabama Homeschool Expo!

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Learn About Alabama Homeschooling

The Alabama Homeschool Expo is a homeschool convention at the Montgomery Convention Center in Downtown Montgomery. We welcome families from across the state every year to come to Montgomery for our large exhibit hall and wide variety of informative workshops. Come to hear the best speakers in Homeschooling close to home!


Every year we strive to bring local and national homeschool speakers. We are a homeschooling family so we understand what you want to hear. We want to provide informative workshops not just sales pitches. At the Homeschool Expo, you can also browse the large exhibit hall and visit with your favorite vendors. Many of our exhibitors have sales during the convention. Homeschoolers across the state can meet and join support groups. You can learn more about the laws in governing Alabama homeschooling such as cover schools and reporting. Learn how to home school in a relaxed and intimate environment in Homeschooling For Excellence 101. Stay up to date with all the activities by joining our email list. We send out coupons, giveaways, news, and important updates on expo events throughout the year.


At the Alabama Homeschool Expo your family can socialize and be entertained! Meet other Alabama homeschooling families from Montgomery, Alabama, Mobile, Dothan, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Gulf Shores, Northern Alabama, Southern Alabama, and all the other areas! We even have many Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee Homeschool familes that join us every year for the best in home education!


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